Yoga & Golf Weekend in Morocco: 18 – 21 October 2018

A relaxing weekend at a beautiful secret oasis just outside of Marrakech. Are you a yogi or a golfer looking for the ultimate relaxing weekend where you can relax and balance your body and mind – whilst enhancing your practice or working on your golf swing? Then this weekend may be just the thing for you!

First time to try yoga or golf? Then this is your chance to give it a shot!

For an unforgettable long weekend…The ultimate Yin & Yang experience in Morocco.

Start your day with yoga and meditations to restore your body’s vital energies and regain your flexibility.  After brunch you have a choice of either playing golf or spending your free time at the hotel’s large swimming pool at zero miles an hour.  Take a day trip – bring on the bustle and lose yourself in unpredictable, manic and utterly charming Marrakesh…Stretch out with an optional afternoon yoga class. After sunset, enjoy traditional Moroccan cuisine and a glass of wine, on the terrance with an exceptional view the snow-capped Atlas Mountains as your backdrop in the beautiful gardens of Le Jardins d’Issil.

The joy of the Marrakech region lies in its diversity. You’ll revel in the colourful rush of the city souks, be inspired by the breathtaking views of the Atlas Mountains, and moved by the gentle and warm hospitality of the Berber people.

Marrakech is Africa’s incredible melting pot. Here is an area influenced by east and west, by Africa and Europe. Two pulsating cities in one – where modern culture sits just the other side of 11th Century walls. And all this endearing commotion is surrounded by quiet Berber villages.

This holiday experience will show you the possibility of extending yogic practices, golf swing and awareness into your everyday life.

Bring yourselves! Bring your other halves! Perfect for couples and singles.

Message me if you’re interested, limited availability!


More details to follow soon!