“I was born and brought up in a small country town, Brits, in South Africa, as the second of three children. After finishing my studies in Art and Beauty Technology,  I travelled to Israel (where I worked on Kibbutz), Turkey and Europe. In 1990 I met and married my German /South African husband, Andreas in London.

I attended my first yoga class in 1997 and was blown away by the intensity of the workout. I was a mother of two toddlers at the time and in need of physical exercise as well as something to ground myself mentally and emotionally. I found yoga, or yoga found me, and I have never looked back.

Through yoga I found balance, better health, and an inner stillness – a form of exercise that strengthened my body and allowed me to relax and focus simultaneously. When my gracious teacher Joan Bored retired in 2003, I decided to become a yoga teacher – after 7 years of practice. I realised that yoga is a way of life and that I would like to help other people share this experience with me.”

In September 2006 – after about two years of teaching Iyengar inspired yoga and two decades as an alternative therapist – Regina met American Yin Yoga Master Paul and his wife Suzee Grilley for the first time. During this weeklong Yin & Yang Yoga teacher training course with the Grilleys, Regina felt as if she discovered the ‘link’ between her knowledge of meridian therapy, reflexology and yoga. She realised her true calling in Yoga – as a Yin Yoga teacher.

Teaching several weekly yoga classes in the Croydon, Purley area in Surrey and vast experience in leading classes and retreats in the UK, Greece, Ireland, Morocco, South-Africa and Goa.  Sharing her passion for travel with her students. Her yoga style blends both a Yin sequence of long held poses to enhance the meridian and organ systems, combined with a Yang Practice – a gentle flow and standing postures. Although she practices both Yin and Yang styles of yoga, she especially likes to teach Yin yoga because the deep stretching and long holds provide a meditative practice that really opens up the body and provides a space to explore the body’s inner landscapes.

During the classes she explains with clarity how Yin Yoga works the deeper levels of the body: the connective tissues of the ligaments, fascia, joints and bones and the energetic channels of the meridians, nerves and blood system. Yin Yoga is the long held, passive nature of the posture, which gives time for a deeper journey to unfold, releasing tightness within the joints but also a journey into the meditative aspects of  Yoga –  a bridge to living life mindfully.

“I am very grateful to my wonderful teachers: Ruth & John White, Paul & Suzee Grilley, Sarah &Ty Powers  and Shiva Rea. I hope to inspire my students, as they have inspired me.

My journey of exploration of yoga and complementary therapies includes:

  • I qualified as a Beauty Technologist, Aromatherapist  and Reflexologist – Pretoria Technicon (1985 – 1987).
  • Attended 7 day Aromatherapy Course with Eve Taylor in London – Nov 1989.
  • Refresher course with The International Institute of Reflexology I.I.R (UK) – 1994.
  • Vertical reflexology training (VRT) in 2002 and Meridian Reflexology in 2003.
  • Completed the 3 levels of The Practice and Philosophy of Advance Reflexology Techniques (A.R.T) with Tony Porter in London (2004 -2007).
  • Started my teacher training course in January 2004 with Ruth White, an inspirational and dynamic Iyengar yoga teacher. Ruth trained with BKS Iyengar in India.  The course emphasises the expansion of consciousness and the true understanding of the Science of Yoga. I complete her wonderful programme after two years – 500 hours of training.
  • Began teaching regular yoga classes in Purley in April 2005 and attained an internationally recognized Yoga Teaching Diploma 500RYT, certified by the Yoga Alliance in November 2005.
  • Qualified as a children’s yoga teacher with YogaBugs (2004)  and Yoga’d Up (2005).
  • Met American Yin Master Paul Grilley, and his wife Suzee, in 2006 on a 6 day Yoga Teacher Residential – Yin & Yang Yoga, Chakras and Meridians in Sussex.
  • Attended Paul Grilley’s Anatomy for Yoga in London in 2007.
  • Trained with Sarah Powers for a week –  Yin Yoga (2008) in London.
  • Qualified as a Bowen Technique Therapist in July 2009 after a two year training.
  • Attended a two week Yin Yoga Teacher Training Intensive (TTI) – Yin & Yang Yoga and Anatomy with Paul Grilley at Land of Medicine Buddha in California in August 2009 – 100 hours.
  • Trained with Sidhamo Michael Johnson (7 days) – Ayurvedic Massage & Meridian Yoga in Sweden – August 2010.
  • Attended a two day workshops with Sherry Brourman – Walking (Gait), Yoga and Physical Therapy (Oct  2010).
  • Five day training with Shiva Rea – Chakra Vinyasa (June 2011).
  • Six day Intensive Hands on Human Dissection Workshop in July 2011 with Gil Hedley (presented by Julian Baker the principal for European College of Bowen Studies) at Charing Cross University Hospital, in Hammersmith, London. Gil Hedley (Ph.D.) is the founder of Integral Anatomy Productions, LLC, and Somanautics Workshops, Inc., his  workshop profoundly altered my understanding of fascial planes, visceral structures, spinal structures and the way the body moves.
  • Yin Yoga Teacher Training (TT2) on Chakras and Meridians with Paul and Suzee Grilley, Land of Medicine Buddha in California (June 2013) – 100 hours.
  • Qualified as a Senior Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance UK after 3000 hours of teaching –  Dec 2013.
  • Insight Yin Yoga Training with Sarah Powers in France – May 2014
  • Wrote the life-style, bite size book: ‘Yoga, Coffee and a Glass of Wine’ – June 2015
  • Yin Yoga Teacher Training (TT5) with Paul Grilley Chakra Meditation (50hours) in Soquel, California – August 2015
  • Anatomy for Yoga teacher Training (TT3) – RYT100 –  Paul Grilley, California – Aug 2016
  • Yin Insight Yoga Silent Retreat (RYT80) – Sarah Powers, Wales – Oct 2016
  • Level 2 Yin Insight Yoga Training (RYT80) – Sarah Powers, April 2017
  • Insight Yoga Training (RYT80)  – Sarah Powers, Italy,  July 2017
  • Level 3 Insight Yoga (RYT100) Warm Hearted Awareness in Yin Yoga – Sarah Powers, London, Nov 2017 – May 2018
  • The Hoffman Process – Sussex, 21 – 27 July 2018

My personal interests enhance my full family life which I am fortunate to share with my wonderful husband, son, daughter, clients, students and friends.

As a Yoga Teacher, Reflexologist and Bowen Therapist I am very interested in understanding the human body and how regular practice of yoga can benefit and affect the interaction of body, mind and spirit.

I regularly attend yoga teaching courses in the UK and abroad to keep my teaching inspired and up-to-date. I feel I am still on a wonderful journey continuing my studies with a range of different teachers. Yoga gives me great physical satisfaction but also, more importantly; it helps me deal with life’s twists and turns. I hope to inspire my students, as other teachers have inspired me.

Shanti Om.”