Yoga Precautions & Prohibitions During Yoga Practice

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To remind you, we are all unique (perfect in our own way)…

“Every yoga pose is bad for somebody. Everyone’s anatomy and history are unique, and this means that each pose affects each person differently. Usually the difference is trivial, but it can sometimes be significant and harmful. Do not become fixated on “mastering a pose.” The poses are meant to be therapeutic, not to challenge your pride. Some poses may be uncomfortable but result in a healthy response, but other poses might just be bad for you.” ~ Paul Grilley.

…therefor – always work to your own ability. Yoga is not a competition – mind your own business, whatever is going on on the mat next to you, has got nothing to do with you…!

Attending a class

  • Do not eat heavy meals before a class. Have a piece of fruit or something very light.
  • Wear comfortable stretchy/loose clothing. You may get hot and possibly cold, so bring a couple of layers.
  • Please avoid strong scents and perfume.
  • Leave your shoes and drama at the door…
  • Turn you mobile phone off!
  • Let the teacher know of any conditions or injury that may affect your practice.
  • It is hygienic and advisable to have your own yoga mat, although they are available to borrow at all venues.
  • Arrive early with plenty of time to sign-up and to settle into your space.
  • Stay for relaxation – make sure you will not have to rush off before the end of the class.