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Hypnotherapy with Regina

Change your life… Hypnotherapy works! Why not let it work for you?

Discover the power of hypnosis! Bad habits, fears, phobias, overweight, eating disorders, stop smoking or drinking, improve sports performance? Achieve your goals, desires, dreams and wishes…

Hypnotherapy is one of the most effective ways to manifest desired change with short term treatment and long term results.

What is HYPNOSIS? Hypnosis is a state of altered awareness during which our subconscious mind is more open and receptive to suggestions that are given. A hypnotherapist will work with a client’s imagination to help them to achieve their goals, such as overcoming habits and phobias, or losing weight.

One to five sessions are generally all that are needed in hypnosis.

Book your Hypnotherapy appointment and find your bliss, break the habits, overcome your fears…Change your life!

Call Now! 0787 613 3036 for a free 15 minuets phone consultation.  £120 for the first consultation and all follow-up appointments at £90 per hour.