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Join me at studio BE: $20 per month and even less if you join me for the year!

I’m thrilled to be launching live online classes with studio BE, a gorgeous new virtual studio for yoga, meditation, mindfulness and more.

studio BE is a network of warm-hearted, down-to-earth expert wellness professionals who are re-imagining collective well-being. We’re all about leveraging technology for the collective good — and amplifying dedicated teachers’ voices along the way. Our innovative platform offers a seamless experience for both people and companies seeking healthier integration of work and life.

I am loving being part of this team and would love to share a 14 day free trial with you.

Simply sign up via the link below, add your details and find me from the list of teachers. Add me to ‘Favourites’ and see the classes I have on offer.


Yin & Yang Yoga – ‘stretch, unwind and flow’ Thursday Evenings – all year19.00 – 20.00 pmstudio BE
Chakra Meditation and Bija Chanting ‘ wake up and glow’Wednesday Mornings – all year7.10 – 7.30 amstudio BE

What studio BE offers? 

When you sign up to my 14 day free trial you have access to:

  • All weekly live virtual classes with me
  • Access to my full library of pre-recorded classes and content (I am no longer adding classes to YouTube)
  • New pre-recorded yoga classes
  • Specialty Workshops 
  • Access to hand selected, renowned teachers’ live classes and pre-recorded content from all over the world
  • Unlimited yoga, meditation, mindfulness, and so much more
  • A community or sangha of beautiful teachers, students and practitioners


My Online Classes – Pre Recorded 

  • Yin Yoga
  • Yang Flows 
  • Wellness Practices 
  • Yoga Nidra (Sleep) 
  • Meditations 
  • Live Class Recordings 
  • Yin and Yang Yoga 
  • Pranayama



A rejuvenating and relaxing Yin and Yoga Nidra workshop – 2 hours – to nourish, stimulate and balance physical, emotional and energetic systems – especially beneficial to anyone who finds this time of the year difficult.

THIS IS AN ADDITIONAL INVESTMENT OF £30 (including 20% subscriber discount)