Yin Yoga Course – Yoga Orchid


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Module 1: 60hours (RYT)

  • History of Yin Yoga
  • Anatomy for Yin – Understanding the Target Areas
  • Meridian Theory and Practice
  • Skeletal Variation and Adaptations
  • Yin Yoga Sequencing and Yin Series
  • The Psoas and Vegas Nerve
  • How to use Props and Adjustment
  • Yang Flows Part 1
  • Chakra Theory Part 1
  • Chakra Meditations with Bijas and Bhuta Shuddhis
  • Prana and Hara Awareness
  •  Dr. Motoyama’s life-force activation Part 1
  • Introducing Yoga Nidra to Your Teaching
  • Philosophy and Embodied Mindfulness
  • Meditation Practices to Support Yin Practices
  • Malas

Module 2: 60hours (RYT) – dates for this module to be confirmed!

  • Theory and Practice for the Upper Body
  • Anatomy for Yin Yoga – Muscle Groups
  • Meridian Theory and Mapping for the Yang Body
  • Organ Pairs and Partnerships
  • Emotional Aspects of the Organs
  • Working with the Five Elements
  • Assisted Yin Yoga
  • Yang Flows Part II
  • Face Yoga and Acupressure points
  • Chakra Theory Part II
  • Chakra Meditations with Bandhas
  • Dr. Motoyama’s life-force activation Part II
  • Yoga Nidra focusing on Meridians and Chakras
  • Philosophy and Wisdom
  • Advanced Meditation Practices
  • Mudras