Yin Yoga Course – Yoga Orchid


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Module 1: 60hours (RYT)

  • History of Yin Yoga
  • Anatomy for Yin – Understanding the Target Areas
  • Meridian Theory and Practice
  • Skeletal Variation and Adaptations
  • Yin Yoga Sequencing and Yin Series
  • The Psoas and Vagus Nerve
  • How to use Props and Adjustment
  • Yang Flows Part 1
  • Chakra Theory Part 1
  • Chakra Meditations with Bijas and Bhuta Shuddhis
  • Prana and Hara Awareness
  •  Dr. Motoyama’s life-force activation Part 1
  • Introducing Yoga Nidra to Your Teaching
  • Philosophy and Embodied Mindfulness
  • Meditation Practices to Support Yin Practices
  • Malas

Module 2: 60hours (RYT)

  • Theory and Practice for the Upper Body
  • Anatomy for Yin Yoga
  • Meridian Theory and Mapping for the Yang Body
  • Organ Pairs and Partnerships
  • Emotional Aspects of the Organs
  • The Five Elements
  • Assisted Yin Yoga
  • Yang Flows Part II
  • Face Yoga and Acupressure points
  • Chakra Theory Part II
  • Chakra Meditations with Bandhas
  • Dr. Motoyama’s life-force activation Part II
  • Yoga Nidra focusing on Meridians and Chakras
  • Philosophy and Wisdom
  • Advanced Meditation Practice

Module 3: Meditation training – 30hrs RYT

  • 6 hour  – Various Meditations: Samatha, Vipasana, Dynamic and Chakra Meditations – Kriya Yoga,
  • 1 hour    Meditation Theory – The physiology of the spine
  • 1 hour – Chakra Theory
  • 6 hours    Yin Yoga
  • Home practice, completing a daily dairy and a short assignment = extra 15 hours

Various Meditation practices and the Chakra purification meditation will be practiced during the duration of the weekend.

  • Pranayama and bandha techniques to enhance chakra meditation.
  • Mantra practice.
  • Self-inquiry practices.

To get a 30 hour Meditation certification upon completion of the retreat an additional 30-day Sadhana practice consisting of at least 20 – 30 minutes of Chakra nyasa meditation and an informal mindfulness practice per day. (Sadhana is the discipline of routine spiritual practice and the routine surrendering of the ego through activities such as meditation, yoga, chanting or prayer.) 

There will be an extra administration charge of £100 for teachers and professionals who wish to complete this 30 hour training program.