Testimonials from students


“I wanted to write to express my profound gratitude for your course. I can’t tell how much I appreciate your class or how much my body absolutely loves your class.  You are so living your calling – thank you so so so much” ~ Jennifer


Heart warming text from a student: “Good morning Regi. I have had a very stressful couple of years. A messy divorce, selling the house I built that I thought we could live in forever. Spending a year trying to buy a home. As well as all the little things but, I  have walked the path and I know you have played a massive very positive part of my journey and wellbeing; spiritually mentally and physically. Thank you so much. Have a lovely day. Namaste. J xxx”


Four years ago I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis particularly badly in one knee. It seemed to daily get worse, becoming painful in more joints. Visiting the Doctors I was given painkillers and told to wait until it was very painful and then undergo joint replacements. It was even getting difficult to get in and out of the car. I joined Regi’s yoga class with a view to strengthening my muscles and bending the joints. Nearly 4 years on I certainly do not need painkillers or joint replacements at this time. I feel stronger, healthier and mentally clearer than I did. I feel I owe Regi’s yoga classes a huge thank you. I can also leap out of the car! ~ Yvonne

“Regina’s classes have helped to change my life. I often travel and have to use other yoga teachers. I always seek to find a class just like Regina’s. The atmosphere she creates with music, light and philosophical thoughts/sharing/teachings, is how I think yoga should be. At some point I will probably write a book on the benefits of yoga. To sum up in short fashion. If you are thinking of joining a yoga class, I would highly recommend trying Regina’s class. Some of the benefits I have seen are, increased energy, greater clarity of thought leading to being far more productive with work, less worrying and negative thinking, greater empathy – which has helped me to connect with other people and the natural world, a marvellous feeling of deep inner serenity and peace – which i’m sure is helping my nervous system to relax on a very profound level. Of course, there are also the physical benefits, increased muscle tone, my posture has improved – I no longer slump forwards and have a much straighter back. Give Regina’s class a try, like me, you might find it’s the answer you have been looking for.”  ~ Gary

Email from retired golfer: Your class against as this is my first set of classes at Yoga. Since I have been attending your yoga group I have lost 5 kilos in weight (I have not been dieting).  Got my golf handicap down by 3 shots, Increased my flexibility so as I can almost touch my toes and practically stopped snoring.”  ~ Don

‘My hips feel as if they got a new life!’  (1 to 1 Assisted Yin Yoga Therapy Client)  ~ David

“Doing yoga for twenty years: having suffered mental illness after three miscarriages – yoga put me back on track to balance and to make sense of my life. Yoga gives me the opportunity to exercise and gives me peace of mind. I thank Regi for the opportunity to spend time by myself during the quite of the Yin poses. Yoga helped me to cope with the menopause – it has improved my health. I now have a better understanding of the wholeness of my body, mind and soul and, I am able to give 100% to my family, my work, home and friends.”  ~ Paula

“When I started yoga 2 years ago, my knee and hip joints were painful and stiff and I had little flexibility. The stretching has removed the pain and stiffness from my joints and I have my flexibility back and can now sit crossed legged on the floor.”  ~ Sue

“Regi is a wonderful yoga teacher. My health has improved hugely in the 2 years that I have been coming to her classes. I am 66 and wish I had met Regi sooner. I never thought I will be able to do handstands at this age…!” ~ Lynn


“Going on a yoga retreat with Regina is an amazing experience! I have been on four retreats and I can’t recommend it enough.  You will come away feeling revived, both spiritual and physical. Regina’s yoga class is a special experience. She is generous in sharing her vast knowledge and experience. Her depth of knowledge of the science and art of yoga guides you to discover the secrets of your own body. She goes the extra mile to capture your attention with music and readings and I’m always amazed when a three hour session does not feel long enough! I have made so many like minded friends on her retreats and I always look forward to be re united with them all! Discovering Regina was a blessing and have changed my life in so many different ways.” ~ Henriette

“I have gained so much from Regina’s retreats.  I always leave with a deep sense of relaxation and a refreshed insights into my own yoga practice.  I love the sense of community and inclusiveness of a whole week of gentle postures and stretches mixed up with fun energising flows – and there are always a few surprises and something new to learn. It took me a lot of courage to go on my first a yoga holiday – and now I go every year!” ~ Miriam

“I just wanted to let you know that I think your yoga classes are truly amazing.  A workout for both body and mind.  I come to class feeling tired and stressed and leave feeling happy, joyful and refreshed.  The class is quite unique – a style of yoga that I’ve never experienced before and it is just brilliant.  The two yoga holidays I have been on were fantastic – 2 yoga classes a day and in the fresh air and sunshine.  Yoga on the beach at Molyvos was certainly something very special.  You are great teacher Regi –  thank you.  Namaste”. ~ Gloria

“Thank you again for the wonderfully relaxing yoga holiday. I had a really amazing experience, and you and your students are friendly and hopefully we will remain friends.”  ~ Christina

“I just wanted to say thank you again for a fabulous week. You have opened up something in me which I knew was important to discover and understand, but I hadn’t been able to access it. What made the difference ? Your style of teaching, and sharing – I loved it. ” ~  Steven

“Memories of the yoga holiday in Morocco is like a jewel in the mind!”  ~ Yvonne


“Thank you for a wonderful day on Saturday in Ireland. It was truly delightful – still reaping the benefits! Please come again soon!” ~ Louise

“I feel, light, spacious, longer and looser, like a car that had a full body service.”  ~ Viva (yoga teacher)

“Your Cape Town workshop was phenomenal.” ~  Helen