“The highest spiritual practice is self-observation without judgment.” –Swami Kripalur.


MASTER CLASSES – Yin Workshops – once a month:   29 December 

14.15 – 17.15 pm: 3 hours of Yin Yoga

Investment: £25 per Workshop.  Spaces are limited to 18 students. Payment will reserve your space. Book Soon with Regina! Please arrive at 2.00pm to pay the £2 entry fee and check in at the reception desk of The Purley Sports Club – class starts at 2.15pm.

“Regina is a truly inspiring yoga teacher. All of her classes and workshops are magical. Leave your drama at the door and immerse yourself in your practise. I have learnt so much from her and would not hesitate to recommend her classes and work shops. She is a true Yogi in every sense.” ~ Amanda 

Come and join Regina Kerschbaumer for three hours of relaxing Yin Yoga while she shares her warm teaching style and extensive knowledge and expertise of the principles of Yin Yoga. All workshops are suitable for teachers wanting to learn about this practice as well as students of any level – even those new to yoga who want to try a more gentle approach to poses.  Regina trained directly with Paul Grilley (the “founder” of Yin Yoga) since 2006 and regularly updates her knowledge of this transformational style of yoga through annual trainings with Paul & Suzee Grilley and Sarah & Ty Powers. The workshops also incorporate her extensive knowledge of anatomy, meditation and mindfulness gained in teaching yoga for over the years.

Yin Yoga works the deeper levels of the body: the connective tissues of the ligaments, fascia, joints and bones and the energetic channels of the meridians, nerves and blood system. The long held, passive nature of the Yin postures give time for releasing tightness within the joints, but also for a deeper journey to unfold into the meditative aspects of yoga – a bridge to living life mindfully.

Immerse yourself in the practice and theory of Yin Yoga, Meridian Lines, Chakras and Mindfulness while we analyse, observe and practice the yin postures in depth.

Suitable for yoga practitioners of any level. Especially for students and teachers who would like to gain a deeper understanding of the principles of Yin Yoga.

29 December – Gratitude  Workshop – End of 2018:

Rather than setting goals and planning what we want to achieve next year, let’s decided to first spend time in gratitude. Join me for 3 hours of deep, relaxing and rejuvenating Yin Yoga while we reflect in mindfulness with gratitude on the past year while we focus on rejuvenating the body’s Water Element  – key importance for keeping healthy and vibrant during the colder winter months. Restorative yin yoga postures to improve your flexibility, deeply unwind inner tensions and balancing the Urinary Bladder and Kidney chi.

“Gratitude is such a simple way to access appreciation in your life. It can switch the mundane to the magical. To be grateful for all – good and bad – helps to unlock the heart. Cultivating gratitude increases wellbeing, happiness, energy, optimism and empathy.”

Prepare to become introspective as we hibernate the end of the workshop you will feel deeply nourished, restored, inspired and full of gratitude. Yin yoga postures and sequences specifically chosen for bringing in more light during the darker months of the year.


The Saturday afternoon workshops are popular – don’t miss out on this ultimate chill out!
Reserve your space to avoid disappointment! Contact Regina: 0787 613 3036


  •   Non club members are welcome – £2 entry fee.
  • Classes are for all abilities and beginners welcome.
  • Mats, blocks, bolsters, lavender eye-bags and blankets available.
  •  http://www.purleysportsclub.co.uk