What is Yin & Yang Yoga?


Yin Yoga is a practice of mindfulness, a ‘stretch into stillness and ┬áhealth’.

Sequences of deliciously deep and long held floor poses inspired by Taoist Yoga. This meditative practice works on deeper connective tissues in the joints to enhance and stimulate the chi-flow to the meridian and organ systems and opens the joints.

Yin relaxes, restores and rejuvenates. It brings the moisture back into our dry and brittle areas, helping us to regain freedom in our body. Freedom in the body doesn’t depends on muscular strength, but on joint flexibility. Freedom in the body diminishes suffering. When we are not suffering we fall back in love with life, when we fall in love with life we then are able to give more back to life…

Yang is a combination of yoga and Tai Chi. A continual flowing sequences of poses that strengthens the muscles, maintains core stability, improves flexibility and agility – while enhancing our creative and active energy.

Yin Yoga is an essential complement to the more active styles of yoga, sport and fitness and offers the opportunity to develop our thoughtful nature.