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Yoga with Regina at Yoga Orchid has gone online!  Face to face classes are suspended until further notice.

“Yoga is a mindful journey where we use the body and the breath to awaken the inner landscapes of our being. My biggest joy and passion is sharing this journey with others as we stretch into stillness and health” ~ Regina Kerschbaumer

I am sure we all need yoga now more than ever!

Don’t miss your weekly yoga fix and benefit form the expertise of a high experience and qualified senior Yin Yoga teacher.  It is easy to join and you can take part even though you are not able to make the live session.

7 week block: 18 November – 30 December

Yin Yoga classes will be livestream on a Wednesday Morning: 9.00 – 10.30am on Zoom and 7 days to catch up with the video recording.

  • Investment: You can book either weekly for £12.00 or monthly for seven 90 minute Yin Yoga classes, for only £66.50 per household (£9.50 per class).
  • Once booked send your email address and phone number to
  • Upon booking you will be emailed a Zoom link to the livestream and added to our friendly Whatsup group
  • The live session will be recorded and posted on YouTube
  • Please subscribe to the YouTube channel here to get the link
  • Booking will allow you to watch the video recording until 9pm on a Tuesday the next week
  • Any questions let me know

Book your classes here:


Regina teaches authentic ‘pure’ Yin Yoga classes every week online and in the Purley area. Due to Regina’s extensive experience these classes are suitable for people of all levels – from beginner through enthusiast to expert.

The classes incorporate both Yin and Yang Yoga, Meditations, Yoga Nidra and Mindfulness. Regina teaches with warmth, enthusiasm and clarity.

Yin – a slow-paced style of yoga where sequences of deliciously deep floor poses or asanas are held for longer periods of time. This meditative practice works on deeper connective tissues in the joints to enhance and stimulate the chi-flow to the meridian and organ systems and open the joints. Therefor it relaxes, restores and rejuvenates. Bringing the moisture back into our dry and brittle areas, helping us to regain freedom in our body. Yin yoga is also an essential complement to more active styles of yoga, sport and fitness and offers the opportunity to develop our thoughtful nature.

Yang – a more active practice incorporating a continuous flowing sequence of poses that strengthens the muscles, maintains core stability, improves flexibility and agility and enhances creativity and active energy. Yang yoga has rhythm and repetition and is a combination of yoga and Tai Chi.

Top tips for attending a Yoga class

  • Arrive early with plenty of time to sign-up and to settle into your space and to make sure your online link is working.
  • Let the teacher know about any conditions or injury that may affect your practice.
  • Turn your mobile phone off
  • Avoid heavy meals before a class. Stick to a piece of fruit or something very light.
  • Wear comfortable stretchy/loose clothing. Bring several layers.
  • Stay for relaxation – leave time so you don’t have to rush off before the end of the class.
  • Avoid strong scents and perfume in the face to face classes.
  • It is hygienic and advisable to have your own yoga mat, although they are available to borrow at all venues.
  • Leave your shoes and drama at the door…