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The Best Yoga Studios in Surrey and SW London

By Sophie Williams | 28 July 2016

There are few things as good for you both mentally and physically as a solid yoga session. Sophie Williams lists her top yoga studios in Surrey and South West London for helping you find your inner Zen.

Head down, bum in the air, inhale the lingering scent of feet and listen to the immature sniggers of hungover lads who have positioned themselves at the back of the room and are ready to sweat out last night’s sins. It is safe to say my past experiences of yoga has left me feeling more self-conscious than tranquil, however this image – pulled from my university days of free yoga classes at the local community hall – is due a reboot.

This historically Hindu discipline has almost reverted to its roots and become a religion in itself, where one pursues ‘wellness’. With hybrid forms of yoga emerging from the traditional, you may now participate in new and sometimes mad adaptions like ‘Voga’ (oh yes, die-hard 80s fans you can now combine the phenomenon of voguing and yoga). Indeed, many studios nowadays are tailored to a wide variety of yoga fans; from the very young to the more mature, both men and women reap the benefits that yoga has to offer. Prenatal and baby yoga classes are a stress-relieving opportunity to relax and connect, plus act as a mummy social haven.

“Meditation brings wisdom; lack of meditation leaves ignorance. Know well what leads you forward and what holds you back, choose the path that leads to wisdom.” – Buddha

Regina Kerschbaumer

Intrigued by the thought of opening my mind to its potential through meditation, breathing and a yoga-led healthy lifestyle, I find myself enjoyably spoilt for choice in Surrey and SW London. These are a few of my favourite local yoga classes and workshops on our patch (in no particular order). Namaste!