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Inspired by the passion of her teacher, Yoga Orchid founder Regina decided to pursue yoga as a career and way of life. Through yoga she found balance, better health and what she describes as an inner stillness. After 7-years of qualifications and practice she was ready to help others share her connection with mind and body. Qualified as a reflexologist and alternative therapist, she has combined her knowledge to enhance her yoga classes, specialising in Yin yoga – the practice of mindfulness, a ‘stretch into stillness and health’.

Another great example of pupil becomes the teacher, Yoga Orchid focuses on the path and discovery of yoga and how different disciplines can affect and benefit your mind and bodies wellbeing.

Regina’s relaxed presentation and personal yoga experiences are reflected in her classes with great following. Join Regina as she shares her warm teaching style and extensive knowledge of the principles of Yin Yoga.

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